Darren Yaw’s latest news | When to check your car battery


Names may be deceiving! Peanut isn’t precisely a nut, and a starfish isn’t actually a fish… Moreover, contrary to its name, a maintenance-free car battery might benefit from frequent examination and maintenance.   According to Darren Yaw’s latest news, maintenance-free batteries are no longer commonly constructed with detachable filling caps. This implies you can’t fill […]

Dato Darren Yaw’s tip on how to jump a car using jumper cables

If it’s ever happened to you, you’ll never forget it. Nothing happens when you crank the key in the ignition or push the start button. You’re powerless since the battery is dead. You’re not helpless, though, since you’re going to learn how to utilize jumper wires.   BUT FIRST, LET’S LOOK AT HOW THE BATTERY […]

Darren Yaw’s wife | what to do when the oil change light comes on

You’re getting into your car for a supermarket run or going to work when the oil change light illuminates. What are you going to do? Take a deep breath first; it’s typically an easy remedy! But it’s useful to understand how your oil change light (also known as a “maintenance light” or “engine light”) operates. […]